Monoclonal Antibodies – For The Treatment Of Various Diseases

Monoclonal antibodies are frequently used for the treatment of various kinds of cancers. They are primarily involved in immunotherapy. The clinical study is running on different monoclonal antibody production service and other associated proteins.

 A number of these antibodies are being prescribed for ailments like cancer and inflammation. A good deal of researches is running to make monoclonal antibodies that can cure different diseases.

Some of the ailments cured by these antibodies include:

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Tumors

• Various Kinds of cancers

What's Antibody Screening and Phage Display?

Antibody screening is the procedure used for identifying successful cell lines. This will help to lessen the price of downstream processing steps. Early identification of effective cell lines will improve the achievement of scale-up activities. Phage display screening procedure is largely used for identifying high-affinity antibodies or peptides. Following are some of the important uses of phage display:

• Help to analyze the mechanism or functioning of a protein

• One of the essential techniques used in protein engineering.

• Used for screening protein interaction

Role of Antibodies

The immune system of our body is capable of producing certain antibodies. These antibodies will attach foreign substances called antigens and neutralize or destroy them. If our body is subjected to a virus or bacteria, then it will eliminate the disease by producing antibodies.

Antibodies are believed to be natural defensive substances. They are usually created by the B cell of the immune system. They assist in the recognition of foreign antibodies and stimulate an immune response to them. Antigen-presenting cells are involved in the adaptive immune reaction.