Know Your Customer Expectations

Knowing your customer expectations is easy. They are high and they expect you to meet them. Your customers are calling your call center because they need help to purchase a product, resolve an account issue, maintain a product, or ask any number of questions that they believe your call center can assist them with.

It may seem odd that your customer's expectations are high because many callers may be anxious, frustrated, or even short-tempered. However, if their expectations were not high, then they would probably not be a customer of your business or products. They would be someone else's. You can know about KYC compliance via

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This is a very advantageous position, but one that needs to be considered when outsourcing your call center. Even if the customer has received an error in billing or the product/service is deficient, customers will still have a high expectation that when they call, the issue will be remedied. If their expectations are not high, the odds are that this is because the customer has not been able to obtain the assistance they expected, and you are in jeopardy of losing them.

One would think that if customer expectations are high, to begin with, it should be easy to provide the caller with an experience that maintains them as a good customer. Conversely, the disadvantage to this assumption is that any call center can only meet the expectation of its customers. Agents can rarely exceed them. Worse yet, there is a high potential that call center agents may fail unless proper planning and training are in place.

The primary objective of meeting customer expectations is First Call Resolution (FCR). FCR means exactly what is says, and it is what customers expect. Customers call with the expectation that whatever problem they may have, the agent will be able to remedy it in a single call.