Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning Services In Auckland

Cleaning the oil trap is not a pleasant task with the smell of dirty food, grease, and mud. Just as oil traps are essential for any restaurant to remove oil, grease, and dust, it is even more important to clean these traps regularly to avoid serious problems.

Removing FOG from commercial kitchens is one of the most frustrating challenges for most restaurant owners today. Hiring a professional grease trap cleaning service in Auckland is essential, because grease traps, which are rarely made up of different components, last forever.

With regular use, it is appropriate to clean and replace components so that the separator is efficient enough to remove residual grease and prevent it from entering the drain. By cleaning these traps regularly, you can also avoid smells and overflowing sewers.

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Grease traps catch MOGs and small particles of food residue that collect at the bottom of the tank. However, if solid waste is left in the tank for a long time, it will become a solid mass that is very difficult to clean and dispose of.

The trapped waste begins to emit toxic hydrogen sulfide, which eventually turns into sulfuric acid, causing permanent damage to the interceptor walls. Damage to the walls of these traps renders them unusable and therefore requires tank replacement, which is expensive.

Improper maintenance of grease traps creates many problems and penalties. Regular cleaning and maintenance can avoid city fines. All these reasons underscore the importance of renting a grease trap for the smooth operation of the grease trap. Proper care of these hidden components in commercial kitchens is essential for trouble-free business operations.