How to Clean your VR Headset and Hand Controllers

Cleaning your VR headset and hand controllers has always been important, especially when used for training, demos, and other use cases, where the device will be used by more than one person.

Headsets are regularly exposed to dust, natural body oils, sweat, and other substances that can transfer between users. Over time, these can also damage the hardware. You can also buy the best quest 2 prescription lenses through various online sources.

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Here are a few recommendations for Cleaning your headset and controllers, hygiene, and promoting safety best practices.

1.For most parts of the headset and controllers, use alcohol-free antibacterial wipes to wipe down all of the hard surfaces, with a particular focus on the areas you're likely to touch the most. 

Key areas include the top and bottom of the eyepiece, which you grab when putting on and taking off the headset and, on the Oculus headsets, the halo adjustment ring on the back.

2.For the lenses, avoid using a liquid, alcohol-based or chemical cleansers. You can use a microfiber cloth, dabbed in soapy water, or a non-alcohol-based glasses cleaning wipe. Don’t put your headset in direct sunlight to dry, as it will cause damage to the lenses.

3.When wiping the lenses, starting from the center of the lens and gently wipe the lens in a circular motion moving outwards.

Generally, it is not difficult to maintain or keep VR equipment clean, and worthwhile to get into a regular habit of thoroughly cleaning your equipment. And above all, wash your hands frequently – before and after cleaning!