How To Bowl Better: Improving Bowling Accuracy

Do you have trouble with timing? Perhaps you have trouble consistently hitting your mark? These are just a few of the areas where a well-designed bowling stance can benefit you.

A proper bowling stance can be a key element in the game for anyone, no matter their skill level. You can book the slot to do your bowling practices at the center of midnight bowling nearby via

Dan Triske, Silver Level Coach, demonstrates how to set up the bowling position properly and what an incorrect setup looks like.

You should be looking for these signs when diagnosing an incorrect setup for your bowling stance:

Straightening at 90deg

At 90deg, shoulders are straight

The bowling ball is not being held by both hands.

No knee bend and incorrectly positioning feet

These adjustments will help you get the right setup for your bowling stance.

Tilt forward to 15deg Spine

Your throwing arm can be lowered or tilted to shoulderward

Place your non-bowling hands more below/side the ball

Place your dominant hand under the ball and bend your knees

If your bowling posture is not correct, it will be difficult to improve other aspects of your game. The pins affect what happens at the start. These adjustments will have a positive impact on every aspect of your game.