Choosing The Best Gas Mask Filters

Respirators and gas masks are more than just a generic investment in preparation. Protective filtration masks are lifesavers. They can also be used to deal with contamination from natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or nuclear reactor incidents.

A gas mask is a good option to protect yourself from pepper spray and tear gas during crowd control and riots. However, your mask is only as good as the filters you use. We're going to show you the best gas mask filters.

Filter Threads & Fitment

There is some standardization of the threads and fittings that are used to pair filters and their gas masks or respirators. You will find the most common threading for most filters is the 40mm NATO Standard (Rd40 x 1/7") Other threads will be specific to the NATO gas mask or respirator model, such as 40mm Soviet filters which might use left-hand threads.

Learn about Color Codes and Ratings

Gas mask filters can be rated to protect against various contaminants and particles. You will need to look at the color-coded and alphanumeric ratings of the filter, depending on the situation.

Shelf Life

All gas mask filters have an expiry date. The majority of gas mask filters have a shelf life between five and ten years. However, high-end models can be stored properly for as long as 25 years. Never buy a filter that has not been sealed. Filter media must be kept isolated from the surrounding environment. Otherwise, it can absorb contaminants and particles in the air, reducing its effectiveness.