Why People May Need Emergency Dental Services

People sometimes think that emergency dental services are for people that get a toothache in the middle of the night. While this does happen, there are potentially dozens of other situations that can occur in which someone might need to see a dentist quickly.

Some of these involve accidents or mishaps while others are more or less unexpected occurrences. To get more information you can search for emergency dental services via https://www.atwellsmiles.com.au/services/emergency-treatment/.

Teeth can be knocked out or partially knocked out when they make contact with something. This can be an attack like a mugging or an auto accident. There are cases when people trip on the carpet at home and hit their teeth with something. Sports accidents like being hit with a baseball bat or running into a wall when playing basketball are common. 

When this happens, people will want to handle the tooth by the portion that would normally be seen in the mouth and not the root. These teeth can often be replaced back into the mouth but handling them correctly and quickly is often key to success. Patients will want to put the tooth in some milk or water with a dash of salt in it and get to the dentist as soon as possible.

People can also break any kind of dental appliance. This includes full dentures, partial dentures, or wires on braces. Instead of attempting any kind of home repair, it is a better idea to make an appointment to see the dentist.