Why Cookies Make the Best Wedding Favors

A few of the more sought-after wedding gifts that have emerged in recent years are personalized cookies. These delicious cookies are available in every shape you can imagine and look stunning when decorated with matching colors.

 Cookies can be customized to fit with almost any wedding theme or style and in your budget as well. If you are also celebrating your marriage function then you can order personalized cookies online in NZ from Viwi’s Corner and give your guests a surprise of customized cookies.

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The iced and decorated cookies have replaced the more costly cupcakes that were popular as wedding cakes as well as wedding favors over the years. Cookies are unique and can be personalized.

If you are planning the theme of their wedding, it can become difficult to locate wedding favors that are in perfect harmony with the theme and that's where cookies can come to your aid. Because they can be created in a variety of designs and shapes, it's easy to match them with almost any wedding theme that you can think of.

Most custom cookies are basic shortbread biscuits however you may also choose to request flavored kinds if you purchase the cookies through the baker or cake maker. Some stores for favors offer prepared cookies that come with a variety.