Truck Accident Results to Product Liability Lawsuit

Products are remembered every day and range from household items to baby toys and even medical equipment. When a product fails to function properly, manufacturers have a duty to consumers to remove those products from the shelves and reimburse them as soon as possible.

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Truck Accident Results to Product Liability Lawsuit

What happens when it's too late? What happens when a product has failed to function properly and actually injures someone? Generally, a product liability lawsuit will be ensured.

Product liability lawsuits are typically filed when a product harms a consumer when it is used in its intended manner. There are three main types of defects that form the basis of a product liability claim. They are:

1. Design flaws that occur before the process of manufacturing;

2. Manufacturing errors which happen throughout the process of manufacturing; and

3. Marketing misrepresentation, which happens after generation and entails such matters as adequate labels and warnings?

Item liability suits can be challenging and frequently involve many different legal concepts. In a current Missouri product liability claim, three wrongful death lawsuits were filed, all of which originated from a truck incident case.

But upon comprehensive examination of proof, it had been discovered that the injury itself didn't kill them and the three expired because the truck's gas tank was faulty and caused a fire.

According to expert testimony and critical evidence, it had been proven that the faulty design was responsible for the crash. Proof supported the pickup truck occupants lived the street traffic collision. Meaning, they didn't die in the injury but died from the resulting truck fire.