Training Website Design – Building Online Training Solutions

It may seem obvious, but you need to be clear on the purpose of the site. Do you want people to master a new IT system? Are you trying to help users learn about a particular concept or subject? Is the goal to assess new employees with a series of tests and questions? The goal will effect what form your training website takes – from its interactivity levels to the length of the programme.

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Who are your users?

Is your site designed to help tech-savvy experts learn complex software? Or is it to help local schoolteachers with varied levels of computer skills understand a new IT system? Thinking about your users will inform your approach and general style. For example, the schoolteachers mentioned above may require more step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

Focus on the outcome, not the information

A regular mistake with assessment and eLearning design is that the site simply becomes yet another platform for delivering information. However, presenting information isn't the end target – the transfer of skills and information to the user is. Having interactive tests, visual guides and a variety of content makes for more effective online learning.

Have a flexible content management system

If you're designing for a client (or even your own business), it's important to make your content as easy to manipulate as possible. Perhaps you'll need to add further questions, amend answers, include extra pages – or simply change an image. All this can be accomplished with the right CMS.