Top Kinds of Door Installations Offered in Perth

Door manufacturers and door suppliers offer a wide range of door types in Perth, some of which fall into the "custom doors" category. It is mainly a subcategory of commercial doors and doors belonging to this category are used in commercial networks such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. The ones used in hotels are completely different as the hospitality industry is more concerned with appearance than anything else. You can also search online for best window supplies in Perth.

Let's quickly discuss the best types of doors used in hotels and the first is fire doors.

fire door – Like any retail establishment, hotels and restaurants are required to have fire doors and these fire doors must comply with safety standards and Australian building codes.

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These fire doors must be adequate to stop the spread of fire and fire while being properly configured to enhance the aesthetics and appearance of the area. Door suppliers as well as installation companies have different options to offer when it comes to hotel fire doors and the best ones are –

sliding fire

fire hinge

Double action fire

glass fire

Doors with solid core

Another very useful option this hotel door supplier has is the "solid core doors" manufactured for hotels. This means that window and door manufacturers use composite materials in their production and finish them with high-quality paint to enhance their aesthetics. 

In addition to composite materials, window and door manufacturers use a pine wood core and a moisture-resistant chipboard core. As far as finishing goes, there are plenty of options, including names like MDF, pre-primed hardboard, plywood and metal finishes. Another feature is that they can be equipped with suitable accessories for any hotel.