The Fundamental Basics of Cosmetic Tattoos

Permanent makeup can be a wonderful way for women and men to simplify their lives and love how they look every day. But there are many myths.

Ask questions, review references, and speak with a professional about permanent makeup. Learn more about permanent makeup's health benefits and details on eyeliner, lip, and brow procedures from professional, qualified and experienced specialist.

All permanent makeup pigments contain the same basic ingredients as all other manufacturers. Iron oxides make up a small percentage of pigments. 

Inorganic iron oxide pigments, which are non-toxic and stable, can be lightfast, have a wide range of colors, and are therefore safe. Lightfast refers to the fact that pigments retain their original hues over time.

The vehicle or liquid used to place the pigment under the skin is often responsible for the difference in pigments. They use distilled water and ethanol alcohol. 

Glycerin is a humectant and has a large molecule. "This molecule is literally punched into the skin." Glycerin can also be found in various quality grades. 

Permanent makeup artists prefer pigments that contain glycerin as they glide on the skin and don't dry out in the cups. Pigments are free from mercury, talc, and carbon. So, you need not fear anything during the process.