What does transformer oil removal entail?

If you are experiencing oil leaks from your transformers, it is important to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.For more information click here transformer oil removal .

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 There are a few different steps that need to be taken in order to properly remove transformer oil. Here is a rundown of what needs to be done: 

1. Remove the transformer – This is the most important step, and will determine the success of the other steps. If you can't get to the transformer, it will be difficult to fix. 

2. Clear the area – Once you have removed the transformer, it is important to clear away any debris that may have come free with it.

3. Open up the transformer – This will require using a specialized tool known as a ‘breaker bar’ or ‘transformer buster’. Be careful not to damage any of the internal components while doing so. 

4. Remove the oil – Once all of the debris has been cleared away, it is time to start removing the oil. Use a mixture of water and soap to clean off any residual oil, and then dry off the area completely before re-installing the transformer.

What is the procedure for transformer oil removal?

Transformer oil removal entails cleaning the area around the transformer with a degreaser and hot water. Once the area is clean, a solvent is used to remove the transformer oil.

Final thoughts 

Final thoughts on transformer oil removal entail removing all traces of oil from the transformer and its surrounding area. Pour a large amount of dry gas into the transformer and ignite it. The high heat will break down the oil into small molecules that can be easily blown away by the wind.