Top Reasons Why You Should Attend A Talent Development Conference

One of the biggest challenges in human resources is getting the right people with the right skills for the right position at the right time.

A High-Yield Approach to Talent Development - WittKieffer

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HR is a major player in business strategy.

Personnel and talent development departments usually fall within the background of more numbers-oriented departments such as marketing and business development.

However, as the business landscape evolves, many companies consider human resource and talent development a strategic part of running a business. You can also look for the leadership development programs SUMMIT online.

The NAED Talent Development Conference provides participants with the tools and knowledge they need to become key players in supporting business and self-help success.

Use your NAED resources to leverage your business.

Improving your learning and knowledge of something fresh to bring to your team can help everybody in your organization. It is also a valuable way to keep up with the newest human resource trends across the country.

During this time, you will learn about the many resources that NAED has that can help not only your organization but your department as well. For example, take a closer look at NAED's new leadership development program to see how it can help your department improve employee leadership skills.

Find inspiration and friendship.

It's hard to stay inspired every day. This conference is specifically aimed at HR professionals working in the fields of training, education, and development. Meet others who are involved in tackling critical issues facing companies in our industry through interactive discussions and networking.