All About The Mattress Replacement

It's time for you to get your camper trailer or RV ready for vacations. Gas prices have dropped but airfares remain high. Over the years, the old RV mattresses came with the camper and became soiled, flattened, and covered in dog hair. It's time to give yourself a good night's rest and to replace your old RV mattress quickly and cheaply. 

A new RV mattress will cost you less than a single flight ticket and last for many years. You can now order RV mattresses online, even in customized sizes. You can also replace your mattress with ultra high density foam swag mattress.

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A New Technology That Makes It More Comfortable to Sleep

Today's RV mattresses are lighter and more comfortable thanks to advances in foam technology. High-density slab foams are more durable and offer firmer support. Convoluted foam (also called finger) adds a springy feeling to mattresses.

The latest advances in cotton technology have resulted in lighter-weight products that offer the same support as cotton but with a soft, sensual feel.

Customizing Sizes for Mattresses

Online shops specialize in compact mattresses and are available in unusual sizes. You can place custom orders for mattresses that are not standard sizes. This includes an RV-size queen mattress or a twin RV mattress. Make sure you measure carefully before you begin to ensure you have the right measurements.