Useful Tips On Cutting Grocery Shopping Costs

With little planning, grocery shopping costs can be greatly reduced without sacrificing the quality of food on the table. Here are some tips to help you save money on grocery shopping. 

Read supermarket circulars – Check your local grocery store's weekly ad, either online or in the newspaper. As you scan for sale items, think about the meals you'll be prepared next week. Check out the meat specials to see if there are likely cuts to make dinner. You can go to the contact us option to find out what items are for sale.

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Clip coupons – Always keep an eye out for coupons. They are key to saving dollars at the grocery store. Check newspapers, advertisements, and websites. Look for manufacturer and store coupons. Manufacturer coupons are issued by the company that produces the product, while store coupons are associated with the supermarket itself.

Plan your menu – Take a few minutes to write a menu for the week. Base your meals primarily on the bargains you have found. If you plan to buy food for one week at a time, be sure to plan meals based on fresh meats and produce earlier in the week and those using frozen and dry ingredients later.

Make a grocery shopping list – Just list the ingredients needed to prepare meals on your menu. Sort the list by the grocery department (fruits and vegetables, meat, canned goods, etc.) so that you can pick up everything in one go when you go shopping. Remember, the list serves two important purposes: it reminds you to get the necessary items, and it limits you to get only the necessary items. This keeps your grocery shopping budget in check.