How Do Solar Swimming Pool Covers Work?

Swimming pools are high-maintenance additions to your home, and they particularly impact your electricity bills. One way to save money and energy is to control evaporation in both indoor and outdoor pools by using a pool cover.

Pool covers are the most effective way to save energy and keep your pool warmer and cleaner. Cover your pool when it's not in use to minimize evaporation, which is a huge energy guzzler even in indoor pools. If you are also interested in buying cover for your indoor-outdoor swimming pool then visit

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By reducing evaporation you also save water, and by keeping the water temperature up with a pool cover you decrease the need for electric heating sources. With less evaporation, you won't have to add as many chemicals to your swimming pool. Pool covers keep debris out of the pool, as well, which also keeps cleaning costs down.

Pool covers can be made of vinyl or polyethylene, and the material can be transparent or opaque. Vinyl covers are the most durable. The most inexpensive kind of pool cover is a solar pool cover, also called a bubble cover. Solar pool covers are made of thick plastic material with UV inhibitors, and they look like bubble packaging material.

They are most effective in areas with a dry and windy climate, which increases evaporation from the surface of the pool. Outdoor pools in any climate absorb solar energy that hits the surface of the pool and heats the water. A transparent solar pool cover may reduce this energy absorption to some extent; however, especially in areas with a dry and windy climate, the solar cover creates a warm and humid environment that decreases evaporation.

Know the Uses of Above Ground Winter Cover

Pool owners buy winter cover for the pool they know that it is very necessary. Well, it's true. Using the above-ground cover for your pool will surely give protection to your pool, especially during the winter.

Maybe some of them think that it only serves as a cover or shield of stubborn dirt and debris that may break the water. They do not know that apart from the blanket of winter that has many uses. You can search for custom retractable pool enclosures for indoor-outdoor pools from various web sources.

To maximize the use of the blanket of winter, here is a list of the use of winter cover on the ground:

  • It is used to get rid of dirt

Winter cover works well in preventing stubborn dirt and debris from penetrating into the water, thus keeping it clean and clear. It will remain firm over the years but always remember to use it correctly and carefully. Keeping dirt-free water also prevents microbe-build up. You will never have to worry about the accumulation of skin infections. Using winter cover will keep your pool is safe for use.

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  • It is used to prevent water evaporation

According to experts the pool most pools lose up to 200 gallons of water once a week due to the evaporation of water. As a result, an owner would have to replace the pool water every week led to high levels of water consumption.

  • It is used to maintain hot water

Winter pool cover is made of a material that is added with an ultra-violet inhibitor. This means having the ability to absorb heat from the sun and keep the water trap in high-temperature water. So, when you decide to take your bathtub should not use the pool heater again. This will save energy and money too.

  • It is used to prevent freezing pool

During the winter season, the frozen pond is one of the dilemmas of the pool owner. This is because not only damages the walls above ground pools, also damaging the pipe. In addition to using anti-freeze chemicals, it is also necessary to put the winter cover on your pool.