How to Build a Go Kart – Fabrication Tips to Make Your Own Head-Turning Four Wheel Wonder

After building 12 different kinds of go-karts in the last 25 years, this question has been asked to me in numerous instances: "How Do You Build A Go Kart?"  You can click on to buy pedal kart.

The most important thing to do is go through a sequence of steps:

Imagine it in your mind

– Print it out on paper

– Examine it

– Procure Materials

– Fabricate



– Paint

– Start from scratch

Berg Case IH XXL Electric Farm Pedal Kart

This sounds simple, isn't it…

1. Make It Up In Your Head

The initial step of "design the idea in your mind" is really trying to figure out all the possible possibilities:

-Number of People

– Engine Size

Clutch Type

Drive System

Suspension Type

– Component Sizes

Material Type

Expected Terrain

2. Write It On The Paper

The next step is to record all of the variables onto paper. It is best to sketch out your go kart, preferably in a scale drawing style. If you are able to use an electronic device that is perfect, or else, I would use an old piece of paper to scale the go-kart by 1 inch equals 1 foot. It is easiest to put it in the real world on the floor of the garage or in the shop.

3. An analysis of The Go Kart

The process of analyzing it is the most important step due to the belief that they have the right idea and are able to design the go-kart any way they want.