Buying Garden Chair Cushions

Make your garden seats more comfortable with this fantastic collection of 4 garden chair cushions to give them more color and comfort! With a universal style, the cushions are suitable for any outdoor furniture and fit any seat. This classic patio accessory is designed to be slip resistant, durable and easy to clean. The cushions have an adjustable back and seat for extra support. These cushions are great to relax on after a day's work.

You will enjoy the many practical and attractive benefits of these simple to use, universal design garden chair cushions. They are ideal for use in garden chairs and at the beach or poolside. They are easy to fit any seat into any garden and you will find they give excellent comfort.

These handy, universal design garden chair cushions have two removable inner "sits", which are easily removed for washing and cleaning. When purchasing these extras, be sure to purchase two ties that will fit evenly through both inner "sits". For example, if the seat is a one-piece, say a chair and Ottoman, you would need two ties. If it is a two-piece Ottoman, say a chair and footstool, you would only need one time to go through. To save on washing, set out a cloth bag with two tablespoons of liquid detergent and enough water to completely saturate the seat and bottom of the cushion.

There are also four-sided cushions that offer greater versatility in their design. These four-sided designs come in "triangular" cuts, with each piece cut at forty-five degrees to give equal coverage. Most four-sided cushions have two slats per piece, but there are some made with three slats per piece. The best material to use for these four-sided garden chair cushions is woven polyester.

Another way to make your garden chair cushions for more comfortable, while adding a splash of style, is by selecting a cushion that has a double weave of the material, giving it extra durability. A popular choice is made with a high thread count cotton and quilting or webbing. It will provide a more plush look and will resist fading or scuffing. One other way to improve the comfort of your garden chair cushions, especially with fabric, is to choose a material that is a little more resistant to moisture. The most recommended types of materials for this are those that are acrylic, which is more resistant than polyester, and those that have a backing or fleece on them.

Your garden chair cushions, whether they are for outdoor use or indoor use, should not be selected based only on the style of the cushion. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose a color that contrasts with the grass in your yard, your cushion may not blend well with the rest of your lawn. To complement your outdoor furniture, many companies will offer an assortment of colors and patterns to choose from, such as "Darth Vader" and "MLB Baseball." Usually, these colors and patterns will be limited to the back of the cushion or to the sides, so that they will not clash with the grass or any foliage that might be in your yard.

Your garden chair cushions, whether they are for outdoor use or indoor use, should be sturdy. This means that they should provide support and be durable enough to withstand all that you might want to do to them. Typically, if you order your cushions online, you can get the size that you need, as well as a description of the exact size that you can expect to receive. If you order your cushions from a company that ships internationally, they can usually provide you with a padded envelope to keep your cushion safe during shipping.

Your garden chair cushions, whether they are for indoor use or outdoor use, should feel comfortable when you use them. There should not be any sharp edges that could cut you, or leave holes in the cushion that would allow soil to get through. If you accidentally cut yourself on one of these cushions, however, it is always possible to replace the hole with another piece. For indoor use, it is important that your cushion has at least two ties. In other words, if you were to order a cushion with only one tie, chances are that it would either break apart during use or become so uncomfortable that you would not want to use it. Two ties are generally a good idea.