Features Of SEO Dashboard

Website stats and up-time percentages are becoming more important. Websites with unusually high downtime and poor performance are the ones that have a hard time attracting web traffic. Online companies are forced to use the internet to compete in a highly competitive market. 

Google Analytics, SEO dashboard a web analytics service. Anyone can use this service. You can also get more information about SEO dashboard via agencydashboard.io/.

SEO Dashboard

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SEO dashboard has received wide praise for its main features.

  • SEO dashboard offers data visualization tools, including scorecards as well as motion charts for showing data shifts over time.

  • Generating custom reports

  • E-mail is a great way to communicate and exchange information.

  • It is easy to integrate with other Google products, particularly AdWords.

  • It can provide information on everything from conversion rates to bounce rates in just a few clicks.

  • SEO dashboard also allows you to measure mobile browsing's effect on your website.

You are losing sales potential if your website is down. Without a website monitoring service, you won't know when it goes down. You cannot afford to lose sales if your website goes down. A website monitoring service will notify you when the website goes down so you can use the appropriate keyword ranking tool and SEO dashboard tool to get it back up.