The Role of Car Insurance Brokers In Ontario

The role of an auto insurance broker is to act as an intermediary between the customer and the insurance company. In this role, there are various functions they perform in their interactions with the public when purchasing motor vehicle insurance and the auto insurance brokers In Ontario with which they do business.

When brokers cover the insurance risk for cars and other vehicles, their role is very different from other types of insurance in that the risk diversification is less. After all, most auto businesses are ultimately based on "risk, insurance companies".

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When a public representative goes to an auto insurance broker, they expect them to know all the coverage available and offered in standard auto insurance policies and commercial auto policies. Brokers also need to be aware of the differences in policies and prices between various insurers and insurance companies.

The role of an auto insurance broker does not stop with just providing and buying insurance. They must be available to the insurer at all times as an intermediary acting on behalf of the customer in the event of a change of insurance policy in the middle of a contract or in the processing of claims.

The two main areas of insurance from a motor vehicle insurance broker are motor vehicle policies for individuals and motor vehicle policies for industrial estates.

The real trend at major brokerage houses in recent years has been to concentrate more on commercial motor vehicle insurance park locations and less on the private sector in the market.