What Earrings Are On-Trend Right Now?

While classic earrings always have a place in your wardrobe, they have a new trend every season. You can buy beautiful tassel earrings online from fordignity.

Stud earrings

Call it earrings on a post or earrings on a button, those little bits of color and shine come back to us. Choose a pair of simple 2.00 ct diameter round diamonds made of 14 ct white gold. Each 6.5 mm round piece of stone is placed in a martini with three teeth. The earrings are secured with a butterfly back.

Or add color to your earrings with orange, pink or red diamonds. The polished 14 ct yellow gold earrings feature two round tooth-shaped diamonds. The estimated diamond weight for each pair is 1.00 ct. Glue on the back with butterflies.

Pendant lamp earrings

No giant chandelier earrings, but their stylish little cousin remains. Tiny chandelier earrings are still popular with those looking to add a little spice to their look. Dallas Prince's Marcasite boasts a pair of vintage rhodium-plated silver studded with four rich garnets in a framed setting.

Each earring also contains about 52 marquises in a round cut in a plaster setting. The atotal weight of marcasite is approx. 0.76 ct and the total weight of garnet is approx. 5 ct. Each earring is less than 2 inches long and more than half an inch wide.

For other types of pendant earrings, see Swarovski Crystal Visring Sorrelli lever back earrings. They are available in gold of your choice with salmon-colored crystals and stones – or in silver with different shades of blue stone and 20 Swarovski crystals. The two styles are beautiful and each offer a different look. The handles are 2¾ inch long and ¾ inch wide.