Solar Pool Covers – A Money Saving Addition This Summer

As the weather changes into summer, thoughts turn to relaxing by the pool after a long day. Solar pool covers are a great way to lower the cost of heating your pool, and they can also serve as a way to provide a source of heating the water on their own. What is more relaxing than knowing that you are saving money?

A solar pool cover roller can provide a way of lowering energy costs of running a heating pump by a great margin. It is the same principle of heating or cooling your house–you would not do either with all of the doors and windows open. The solar pool cover enhances the sun's rays to warm the water and also minimizes heat lost if you have a primary heating system for your pool.

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The U.S. Department of Energy shows the yearly (April-October) cost for operating a gas heating system in Atlanta is $1,704 at a water temperature of 78°. If that same pool simply has a solar pool cover added to it, the cost drops to $320. That's a potential savings of $1,384 which is quite a hefty addition back into your bank account.

Solar pool covers are also very affordable additions to your general pool maintenance routine. They not only retain or provide heat, but they also help prevent water evaporation and aid in keeping the pool clear of leaves and other debris.

So, not only will you be saving heating costs but water savings as well. Not only do they save you money for water and save in energy, but they also save you time. Time adding water and cleaning additional debris from your pool A solar pool cover is a win for you in so many areas of your pool use and maintenance.