Solar Cover Reels That Work For Every Kind Of Pool

It can be difficult to manage your solar pool cover. Our top picks for the best pool solar covers will allow you to spend less time tinkering with the cover and more time enjoying your pool.

Covers for your above-ground or inground swimming pool are a smart investment.

They are simple fabric pieces that can regulate the temperature of the water. This will save you a lot of money heating your pool. You can even buy a self-assembled solar cover reel to protect your pool.

Pool covers are tarps but can be torn or damaged when folded and tossed around. You can get ripped, frayed, or fold marks when you roll it up like a snowball. These are all signs that the cover is not doing its job properly.

Use the solar cover reel.

These pool solar cover reels keep your pool area clean, protect your pool cover and make it easy to store and position the cover.

Here is a list of the top solar cover reels available online, along with key features such as price.

Continue reading to find the best solar cover reel for your pool. 

Pool Cover Reel Set

You don't often see people get excited over something as simple as a solar cover reel. However, that's what happens to pool owners who choose the solar reel cover Set.

You can fit them in different sizes, such as oysters, and rectangular pools. You just need to cut the cover to match the orientation of your pool. The straps on the pool reel can be extended to handle the rest.