Separation Agreement – Settling Things Fairly

It is true that nothing is permanent in this world. Sometimes marriages even end up falling apart and breaking down. In most parts of the world the case of a marriage where a couple has decided to live separate lives and has accepted the terms for the separation, they are able to sign a separation agreement in Ontario for the same.

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As it is an agreement, it is a sign that both parties have spoken about, understood, and agreed to the terms stipulated. This kind of agreement is legally valid which must be abided by the couples. It is usually reached through negotiation or mediation facilitated by solicitors.

If the separation agreement is quickly negotiated between the parties and does not result in an appeal to the courts, relieving a couple of the stress, trauma, and excessive cost. Contrary to popular opinion the purpose of mediation is not to reconcile couples, but to assist them in settling on the most serious issues brought on through a separation. 

The issues could be related to child access, custody maintenance, or property rights. Mediation is not intended to provide advice to the couple, and the mediator does not have a position but will help them find a mutually acceptable solution. 

Certain states do not require anything more than the physical separation among the parties in order to start the process of legal separation. Some states require filing certain documents with the court to create the legal separation. 

While a separation agreement may be considered legal separation in certain situations. There are numerous advantages of separation agreements. Many states will reward couples who reached a separation deal in that they can divorce faster than couples who have not signed agreements on separation.