Plastic and Rubber Have Made Our Lives Easier

We all know how crucial rubber and plastic are if we look around. The most common synthetic material we use is rubber and plastic. It contains approximately three-fourths of the amount of plastic. Rubber is also known as the crying tree. This is because it cries out when it is cut. Plastic is a term that refers to a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials, used in a vast array of diverse applications. Know more facts about plastic and rubber in the following article.

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Plastics and rubber aren't just used for their economic benefits, but they also serve the human needs. Because rubber has multiple uses in industries, agriculture, and other areas, research and development are underway.

The red Indians discovered rubber when they were able to make bottles, discs, and bowls with the latex. Later, it was discovered that rubber could also be used to erase pencils. It is used primarily in agriculture, industry and national defense services. Plastic organs are the source of plastic.

Our natural resources and delicate Ecosystems are under increasing pressure due to the growing population and material consumption. Plastic and rubber are in great demand as our material requirements continue to grow. 

Rubber is used in many industries, including motor, kitchenware and vehicle manufacturing. Rubber is a common material in our everyday lives. We are all enslaved by it from birth until death. Rubber is an economically important plant.

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