Moving Tips for Your Next Furniture Move

It may seem easy to move furniture. You just pack everything up and move it. But people underestimate the stress and the time it takes.

You may find it takes several weeks to pack. And you will be lucky if there aren't any temper tantrums. Interstate moving is more complicated than just moving across town. Here are some tips to help you make your furniture relocations in Melton easier.

Six Weeks Ahead

You should have all your important documents in one place six weeks before your move day. These documents include bank, medical, and dental records, as well as passports, social security cards, and other papers. You should also change forwarding addresses for magazines subscriptions, catalogs, and other important services.

Five to four weeks ahead

You should schedule appointments with moving companies to discuss moving your belongings and changing your postal address. This can be done between five and four weeks before your move. To avoid any hassles on a moving day, make sure you check whether furniture must be packed in a specific way.

You should also check the guidelines for interstate furniture removal as laws can vary from one state to another. Remember to set up a transfer date with your utility companies.

Backloading is an alternative option

Professional removalists can be a great choice if you have the budget. However, interstate backloading is often cheaper. Backload is the space that a furniture removalist truck will have available after they drop off their other point.

You might need to pack more depending on the number of items you have and how many people you are packing with. People often underestimate the time it takes to pack.