Learn About Modern Commercial Fishing Boats in Ontario

Commercial fishing is an upcoming industry in the modern world. It is an important occupation adopted by many people in developed countries due to advancements in technology and tools available. 

There are many types of boats that can be used for this purpose. But what makes for a great commercial fishing boat? A good commercial fishing boat will have some commonalities. The introduction of new technology and methods has allowed developed countries to make rapid progress in the fishing industry. 

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Boats of different kinds are available for it. They are designed to capture different fish and other sea animals. 

Basically, there are three different types of commercial fishing boats which are described below:

  • Trawlers

Trawlers are provided with large fishing nets to capture fish and other marine creatures. Nets are cone-shaped and are attached at the backside of the boat. This kind of fishing vessel is mostly used in the North Sea where flatfish and shrimps are found. 

  • Seiners: 

Seiners are large commercial skiff boats but small seiner boats are also available like a canoe. In a large seiner, the net is cast in such a way that it can easily capture fish. It may pull out large quantities of fish at one go. Small seiners have nets that are cast by hand. Large seiner boats are provided with sonar technology to find, follow and capture fish easily.

Some other important boats are used for commercial fishing such as centre console boats, aluminium boats, all-purpose fishing boats etc. These boats are used by people depending upon the depth of water and type of water. All commercial fishing boats are available in big and small sizes.