Know More About Workplace Dispute Resolution

Discord can arise among groups of people that are fighting for the same resources, or when one group believes that the other group has hindered its progress towards its objective. On the other hand, conflict can arise when one group is seen to be threatening the goals of another, is openly adversarial to another, and isn't governed by the rules of the organization. 

A company that is slack could become lazy. If everyone is in agreement about all things, nobody will be motivated to put in the extra work to prove the viability of an idea. This kind of organization could quickly fall into trouble if it competes with other businesses in a constantly changing market. That is why they have to apply workplace dispute resolution in their company.

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The manager of an unchanging or inefficient organization might cause conflict in order to bring the company out of its stagnation. If it is managed properly conflicts can trigger creative thinking and a positive transformation in a company. A small level of tension between persons who are both interested in the same subject could cause them to consider new issues or doubts, and possibly the need for new solutions. 

The people in conflict might recognize the existence of issues that normal people would have overlooked. To create this type of conflict that is product managers can engage in several actions. He or she could alter the relationship between individuals through, for example requiring people to fight for resources that are scarce or bringing them closer physically. Alternatively, he can teach people to appreciate the importance of conflict and avoid superficial, easy agreements.