How Will an Orthodontist From San Jose Help You?

If you have a bad overbite or misalignment of teeth that is causing you severe problems, then you should consult with orthodontist in San Jose at as soon as possible.

Common Problems that Orthodontists Face

  • There are many problems that come with misaligned teeth. They can affect one's speech, their ability to chew properly, and their oral hygiene.

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The job of a San Jose orthodontist, as we have mentioned, is to correct this misalignment. But what exactly causes the misalignment in the first place?

  • One such example of a common cause of misalignment is a bad under bite, meaning that the lower half of the teeth are positioned more outward than the upper half of the teeth.

This condition is known as an anteroposterior deviation, and will most dearly affect the ability of the patient to chew properly.

  • Overcrowding is another example of an obstacle in patients that orthodontists will have to conquer. Overcrowding occurs when there is not enough jawbone space to properly align all of the teeth.

This is one of the biggest challenges that orthodontists have to deal with, but they use a number of different treatments for correcting it.

Sometimes the shape of the patients face itself can cause a bad bite. The orthodontist would then have to realign the jaw, teeth and lips in order to correct the problem.