How to Use Delta 8 and CBD Together

Each person will have a different way of consuming CBD and Delta 8. It will vary depending on what you want. According to users, the 50/50 approach is popular.

Different brands of delta 8 THC gummies have different dosing. Like tinctures that contain different amounts of CBD, not all tinctures will have the exact same dosing. Be sure to track how much CBD you are consuming.

You may prefer to start with CBD and Delta 8 separately. We recommend starting with a small dosage if you are a regular CBD user but have not tried Delta 8. These are some helpful tips on how to use delta 8 in a vape or as edible gummies.

Assess how you feel about the dosing.

Keep a journal if you are using CBD to manage your symptoms. It is possible that your experiences with CBD vapes and edibles are different. You should always consult your doctor if you notice any changes to your symptom management regimen.

What is the best way to time my Delta 8 and CBD use?

CBD's effects are subtle. However, the entourage effect can increase how Delta 8 feels to you. It's important that you take it slow and think about the delivery method for your Delta 8.

The effects of a Delta-8 Vape are likely to be felt immediately after your first hit. Or very soon thereafter

The effects of Delta 8 Edibles will likely be felt within 30 to 90 minutes. However, this timing will vary depending on many factors such as how much CBD you consumed and how much food you ate today.

Give Delta 8 time for its work and allow yourself to assess the effects of Delta 8 before you increase your dose.