How To Start An Amazon FBA Business In Canada

The Amazon FBA Store is a facility where sellers can select products for sale, find suppliers, order, pack, and ship. Everything is located in one of Amazon's many fulfillment centers and the rest is handled by them. 

The leading FBA prep company in Canada ensures that your products are properly packaged and prepared for fulfillment. Before you get too excited about your new money-making machine, there are a few very important details to hammer out regarding what you’re actually selling, where you’re sourcing your product, and how you’re going to market it.

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Step One: Pick Your First Product

The first step in this process is the hardest (and can be pretty time-consuming), and it’s picking your first product. Not to put too much pressure on you, but choosing the right product to start with will make or break your business.

Step Two: Source Your New Product

You probably feel pretty relieved now that you know what your FBA business’s first product will be, but don’t relax too much. Your next step is to figure out where you’re going to get your product from, and this step is almost as time-consuming as picking the product.

Perusing the pages of a trade magazine or wandering the sea of tables at a trade show might lead you to a supplier that distributes exactly the product you’re looking for.