Checklist For Hiring A Prenup Lawyer In New Zealand

When it comes to marriage, one of the biggest decisions people make is the prenup. For many people, a prenup is a critical aspect of their wedding planning process; however, there are some complex topics that even experienced lawyers don't know about. Make sure you're hiring a lawyer who knows about the intricacies of prenuptial agreements before you hire your dream lawyer!

Prenups are contracts that couples who are thinking about getting married make before they tie the knot. They typically outline the property and financial arrangements between the spouses, as well as provisions for any children from the marriage. A prenup is a valuable tool for protecting your assets and your relationship. If you're considering getting married, it's important to have a prenup lawyer review your agreement before signing it. 

Prenuptial Agreements

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There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a prenup lawyer:

  • Your lawyer should be experienced in drafting prenups. 
  • Make sure you understand all of the provisions in your prenup.
  • Have an attorney review your contract with you before you sign it. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right lawyer: 

  • Ask friends or family members who have been through a divorce if they would recommend a lawyer.
  • Check out the lawyer's website or contact information online. Ask for references if needed.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with the lawyer in person. 

Here is a checklist of some of the most common types of prenups: 

  • Property Prenups
  • Separation Agreement Prenups
  • Postnuptial Agreement

Advantages of a Prenup:

  • A prenup can help protect your assets during the marriage.
  • Prenups can protect children from financial repercussions if parents break up.
  • A prenup can save money on legal fees down the road.
  • Prenups can strengthen your relationship before marriage by establishing expectations.