Buying Art at Online Auction

Attend as many auctions as possible before you commit to buying. The auctions do not necessarily have to be art auctions as all auctions are run along similar lines and will give you a feel for how they work. Get used to viewing items before the sale and checking for defects – you cannot return an item bought at auction if you later discover a fault.

When you feel confident that you understand how best to bid, try buying an inexpensive item – it is an exciting experience and you have to learn to control your nerves and excitement, but once you have felt the thrill, you will be hooked.

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New Historic Estate

Make sure you set yourself a price limit and stick to it. The auctioneer's job is to build up a frenzy in the room and try to get a bidding war going between two bidders.

Don't be tempted to go over your price limit – remember that the auctioneer wants to achieve as high a price as possible for the seller – that does not mean that a piece is necessarily worth that price. The old adage that something is only worth what someone else will pay for it is never less true than in an over-excited auction room.

Understanding the catalog estimates

The estimates given in the catalog are determined by an expert from the auction-house and by the seller and, in much the same way as house prices are set, they are often optimistically designed to achieve the best possible price.