All About Fusible glass jewelery kilns

Glass fused ornaments required a large investment in equipment, such as large brick kilns. This exciting hobby is now possible for novice hobbyists thanks to the development of microwave kilns that are small and specially designed.

The new kilns were built using a material similar to that used to protect spacecraft from Earth's atmosphere. They are compact and lightweight and can be used in microwaves with 800 to 1200 W power. These are not toys for children under 5, but they are designed to be used by older adults.

You can now make stunning glass earring bails with these new kilns such as earrings and bracelets.

What are you looking for?

These kilns can be purchased individually at many stores, but we recommend that beginners get a complete kit.

There are many options, but we have found the best ones. This kit includes everything you need to create beautiful glass-fused jewelry immediately.

You will need a microwave oven, a variety of colored glass pieces, dichroic glasses assortment (a glass that changes color depending upon the angle of the view), and a glass cutter to cut the glass into a slump mold. For) is required. Safety gloves are required.

Start a business

The ideal way to start a business in glass-fused jewelry is with a microwave kiln. It is best to use the microwave oven only for ornaments and not the one that heats food frequently. A microwave with a metal liner is recommended.

Start by selling your jewelry online. You can start small with a microwave oven to cut down on costs. As demand increases for your product, you can upgrade to a brick kiln that is larger for a greater production run. This is a great opportunity to get into this fascinating hobby.