Alix Thomsen’s Boy’s Bedroom Accessories

If you're looking for a few boy's bedroom accessories, you've come to the right place. French designer Alix Thomsen has designed some of the best options. These include a Pegboard wall, industrial-style bed and storage baskets and shelves. Keep reading for her suggestions. We'll also look at some of her favorite boy’s bedroom accessories. Here are some tips for decorating your child's bedroom.

French designer Alix Thomsen's boy's bedroom accessories

If your child's room is not gender-neutral, there are ways to add more character. Use complimentary color schemes to add a peaceful vibe to the room. When arranging your child's toys, try to keep them in open cubs. Alix Thomsen's boy's bedroom accessories solve this problem by incorporating open cubs above the bed. And if you're not sure where to store all of the duplicate toys, you can try crates.

Pegboard wall

If you want to add some visual interest to a boy's bedroom, a pegboard wall can be a great choice. These decorative boards are great for displaying toys and organizing yarn. Plus, they're portable. Your son will love having pegboard walls throughout his bedroom, and you can move them with your child when he grows up. Adding a pegboard wall to a boy's bedroom can add a little flair to the room without taking up valuable floor space.

A raised mezzanine is another way to add extra storage. The raised mezzanine will give your boy a place to sit while playing, while doubling the floor space in the room. To make this room more versatile, you can add shelves to the wall. For a playful look, hang up colorful books and toys on the wall. Alternatively, you can create a "man cave" with shelves in the middle of the room.

Industrial style bed

Rusty metal makes a great bed base and can be complemented with a rusty extractor fan pipe and motley cushions. Industrial style boys' bedrooms can also have nautical overtones. A vintage headboard is a wonderful addition to any industrial-inspired room, and you can also use an old bicycle to add visual interest. You can also hang a monochrome photo on a metal platform. Grey drapes hang over the floor and bed. An abstract three-panel painting hangs above.

For a boy's bedroom, exposed materials can be used liberally. If you want the look without spending a lot of money, you can go for salvaged wood. For a cheap way to recreate this effect, you can reuse old floorboards for wall panelling. You can also apply the same wood stain on the bed to make it look like it's part of the wooden wall. Then, you can create a boy's room with the resulting atmosphere of a treehouse.

Storage baskets and shelving

There are many ways to maximize space in your boy's room. For instance, you can install a tin bucket to store stuffed toys and used clothing. You can also mount shelving to the walls, where your child can use it as a desk or hang books. Plastic baskets can be stacked inside of shelves. Label them with the type of contents they hold. A curved shelving unit can be ideal for small rooms.

Another option for maximizing space in your boy's bedroom is to add shelving and storage baskets. Shelving units are relatively inexpensive and easy to find, and you can upgrade them with luxury baskets. In a Scandinavian-style room, for example, built-in shelving units are placed at different heights. This is especially useful for little kids, who might try to climb up to access a shelf or bin. In addition, the different levels help shield the weight of anything hanging from the shelves.